Note: The Making of MONO

Note: The Making of MONO

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Let us start off the first post with the making of MONO. :)

The idea of MONO was formed in the last quarter of 2020 when we had this ambition to create a contemporary, minimalist brand that makes staples and classic clothing which can be worn and restyled again and again.

After conceptualizing and researching, designs were submitted to the workshop in February. However, the whole sampling process took so much longer than we anticipated.

If you do not know, everything in our debut collection is made in Singapore by a workshop we've worked with previously for our sister brand. At times when traveling to overseas is almost impossible, being able to liaise with the pattern maker in real life really makes things easier. But factors like fabrics availability, slow shipment, lacking of manpower caused big delays for us.

We were actually planning to launch MONO in September but had to push back the launch as due to some hiccups.

The Neal High Waist Skirt actually took the longest to be made and was the last item to be delivered. Due to the cutting and the folding details at the waist, we had it resampled for almost 5 times to get the right fit. Thankfully, the final product came out to be how we wanted.

As the whole manufacturing process took so long, we kind of wondered if the launch of MONO would ever “happen”. It was only when the final batch of stocks was delivered that we affirmed that things were getting real... haha.


The fabric search process

 The seamstress sewing the SOHO Pants

Our woven label
To be continued...



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