Note: Preparing for the shoot

Note: Preparing for the shoot

We started planning our lookbook shoot after receiving the last batch of stocks in October.

Our idea for the shoot was very simple and straight-forward. We wanted the visuals for MONO's first lookbook to have a calming effect, to show our models in unity and present our clothes in a union.

We had the shoot location in mind once the theme was decided. Our makeup artist/friend, Airin, has a beautiful space with the mood that goes so well with what we have in mind.

Hence, we planned a visit to Arly about a week before the shoot to recce and also to have a good look at every corner so that we could plan the shoot more efficiently.

Totally charmed by Arly's office. Loving Airin and her partner's choice of furniture especially the marble coffee and dining tables.

We had our models Chervil and Mandy over to the studio for fitting a few days later so that we could decide on the right sizing and fit for the look we want for the shoot.
Did the planning on which outfits to wear for each scene and had them saved on the phone for reference. We had so much styling variations that we had to cut down on the selection.

The big day finally came! To be honest it was quite nerve wrecking as this was the first time we shot outside the comfort of our own studio.
Steamer ✓  Shoes ✓  Clothes ✓  Cameras ✓  Memory card✓ Clothing Rack ✓  Hangers ✓ Studio lights ✓ Changing room✓ Stomach "nourished" with coffee and MCD Big Breakfast ✓  Ok, off we go!
Our wonderful ladies hard at work
4 hours flew by so quickly! Luckily there weren't any hiccups and we managed to shoot everything we planned. Phew!
Headed back to the office after the shoot feeling so battered and we actually suffered from bodyache for the next 2 days. (from moving around and carrying the heavy couch and stuffs)
Even though we were dog tired, we couldn't resist checking out the pictures taken. Overall, we were quite satisfied with how the digital photos turned out although the photos for a few outfits could have been better.
Do checkout our lookbook section and we hope you like the pictures too. :)

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