Note: This is MONO

Note: This is MONO

Uncomplicated—not a big word but a word that means simplified and effortless. It’s how life should be, yet we often find ourselves constantly searching for a more straightforward and easy way to live.

Your wardrobe should be timeless as well as uncomplicated—a wardrobe that represents your spirit for natural, minimalistic living in a world that grows more complicated every day. MONO can be your capsule wardrobe that encompasses contemporary and modern design, styled with detail that sets each piece apart and makes them all work together depending on how you wish to wear them.

Dress up or dress down and make each combination your own by accessorizing to your own taste. You make your wardrobe pop, not the other way around, and MONO understands this lifestyle. Your clothes should complement the way you move throughout your day, not drown you out or conceal the real you.

Most of all, you want a wardrobe that lasts. MONO is a sustainable style that is the foundation of your closet. Clothing that holds everything else together, no matter how you choose to change things up depending on your mood or your destination for the day. MONO wants to be that favorite shirt that goes with everything, and that favorite jacket you know will look and feel as great in the office as it will on your date tonight. We want to be the brand you’ll always think of when you think comfort, style, and ease. That’s why we created MONO.

MONO signifies “single.” It means that every item in our line possesses a value that makes each piece a signature item in your wardrobe. We may not be able to uncomplicate your whole life, but we can take away your worries about your wardrobe and give you the freedom to express your style and feel naturally good about the way you look.

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